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Venue Rental Inclusions:
  • Exclusive use of the venue (we only book one event per day)
  • 4-hour use of Glasshouse
  • 2-hour additional use of Parkland for garden ceremonies prior to use of Glasshouse
  • 6-hour ingress
  • 2-hour egress
  • Scheduled pre-nup pictorials (4 hours / good for 10 pax / 8AM-12NN or 1PM-5PM)
  • Use of drapes
  • Use of Glasshouse air conditioning
  • Use of electricity (up to 40 amperes)
  • Use of Genset during power outage (limited capacity)
  • Day use of The Chalet for the bride and entourage (check-in is 10 AM, check-out is 1 hour after the event ends)
  • Use of caterer’s area
  • Use of parking (80 slots)
  • Guest assistance (parking, drop-off, restroom, Glasshouse, and Chalet attendants) 
  • Security guards
  • Electrician and maintenance
  • Waived corkage fee for accredited caterers
  • Waived corkage fee for accredited lights and sounds
  • Waived corkage fee for accredited stylist/florist
  • Waived corkage fee for accredited fireworks supplier
  • No corkage fee for wines and liquors
  • No corkage fee for supplier/contractor meals


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